Tuesday, January 29, 2008

End of the Pointless Exercise

To finish up.

99% of all podcasts consist of people who do not know how to talk, chattering and giggling into a microphone.

I used to do RSS feeds, but found they are mostly stressful. Who needs that crap shoved into your computer all day long?

I have no need to try Zoho. I've been using google docs for years.

About del.icio.us, I have no interest in sharing my favorite websites with you, Richard. We are not friends. Same with Library Thing (Which I have used for three years, probably before you even knew what it was). The use of tagging that I've seen suggests that we're not ready to get rid of LC subject headings yet. As for whether our staff can think of ways to do with reference with this, I'm sure that's what, say, Bob or Carmen stay up at night thinking about.

Well, now this project is over, and I will probably be reprimanded for not being all gung-ho about it. Reprimand me.

Friday, January 11, 2008

I've been using Google docs for a couple of years now. It's clunky.

We considered using Meebo at the reference desk for christ sakes. It's still there as a backup. I'm familiar with a bunch of these 2.0 sites. It's our job to know. Why does this library's administration insist on treating its staff like third graders?